Monday, March 2, 2015

CEML Doctor Reaches Medical Milestone in Angola

Dr. Steve Collins is the CEML Hospital's resident ophthalmologist. 

Born in Angola to Canadian missionary parents, Dr. Collins
began ministry in Angola as a certified general-internist doctor. Realizing the great need for ophthalmology expertise in Angola, in 1995 he received training in cataract surgery in Nigeria and South Africa.  

In his 20 years of ophthalmic work in Angola, Dr. Collins recently completed his 20,000th cataract surgery on an Angolan patient!  Actually, all his cataract surgeries were performed on Angolan patients.   The amazing and mitigating fact in this feat is that Dr. Collins recently passed 76 years of age and performed all the surgeries by hand under a microscope; he has not used any of the new laser equipment. 

This is an amazing medical ministry to Angolans and one can imagine the impact that this one person has had on the lives of so many Angolans across the country.   Dr. Collins always maintains that it is a great privilege to minister here and admits that he is often challenged spiritually by the godliness of his Angolan patients.

Dr. Collins continues on in his ophthalmology work, committing 2 weeks per months at the CEML Hospital and the remainder of the month at remote outpost clinics using a portable operating theater to conduct cataract surgeries. In these remote conditions, during his 2 week outpost visits, he will perform 300 - 400 eye consultations and 50-60 cataract surgeries on average.   Dr. Collins will seek to retire soon and CEML will be looking to replace him with a new ophthalmologist. 


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