Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rebuilding Angola's Rural Schools

Angola's 27 years of civil war ravaged much of the country's interior infrastructure. Notably, rural schools virtually disappeared leaving an entire generation to grow up being unable to read or write. With the present concentration of building in urban areas and it is estimated that it will be years before the same efforts reach rural areas.

Rise International, ( a christian non-profit organization, has a mission to partner with Angolan churches, community leaders and the Angolan Ministry of Education to build primary schools in rural Angola

Since 2003, through the assistance of donated funds from global partners, RISE has:
  • Funded and built 126 schools in rural Angola since 2003;
  • Provided the opportunity for 55,000+ students to go to school;
  • Supplied 49,500 textbooks;
  • Received government recognition and facilitated partnership;
  • Facilitate workshops for over 1000 teachers and leaders.
RISE states that its concentration of building physical school buildings in remote and nearly inaccessible villages, faciliates many other secondary programs. They explain that only when a school building is present will the Ministry of Education send teachers, will there be protection from the sun and rain, will NGO feeding programs initiate, will there be some textbooks and supplies, will there be a place for adult education and literacy, and will other healthcare classes and community gatherings be enabled.

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