Saturday, August 4, 2012

Luanda's Novel Community Gyms

The redevelopment of Luanda has produced gyms and other spaces to provide quality physical education and allow the clients to keep fit and stay healthy.   But many of these facilities are economically out-of-reach to many of the urban dwellers.   Today, in response to that need, there are outdoor gyms in several community public spaces for all municipalities, an initiative of the Provincial Government of Luanda.   Under this program, no one has to pay and the more experienced to serve as physical education teachers. Creating community gyms is a program of the national government and is being implemented at national through provincial governments.  In Luanda there are already gyms in Ingombota, Samba, Sambizanga, Rangel, Kilamba Kiaxi, Viana and Cacuaco. 
Around 17:00 hours, many community gyms begin to get crowded with people. Children, youth, adults and seniors come to do their physical exercises. At the Independence Square in central Luanda, there are hundreds of people running or moving fast; men and women who for reasons of health or aesthetic, are dedicated to the sport. 
Those who live nearby are the gyms often stay until after 21:00 hours such as in the areas of Samba, Cape Island, New Marginal and the Independence Square where the attendees perform more practice physical exercises. The community areas are well lit and attended with police officers nearby to ensure all safety and tranquility.  
Luanda resident Paula Costa, 34, trains at the Independence Square, his favorite place from Monday to Friday.  "We do not complain, because the government has provided this for us.  Previously, it was difficult to find spaces for leisure. Today we have several sites for outdoor recreation, "he said.  Before community gyms " we felt like walking, exercising, and we could not afford a gym. Now we exercise in well equipped facilities without worrying about time and payment.  Now we just need to care for and preserve this public good, for our good, "acknowledged Paula Costa. (Portal de Angola, July 31st)

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