Sunday, September 2, 2012

Angolan Youth Making Beautiful Music

Every day in the district of Samba, a part of the Angolan capital Luanda, about 60 children and adolescents faithfully take lessons each day in classical music on donated violins, basses, and cellos.  This is all a part of the  Kapossoka School of Music, created by Angolan professor Peter Fançony, the director and founder of the school which also supports Kapossoka Symphony Orchestra.
Founded on October 10, 2008, the original idea for the school was to provide a place where Angolan children could engage in cultural activities to prevent crime and stop the misuse of leisure time.  In providing a learning opportunity for needy young people, the school underwrites the costs of all the fees and materials, oftentimes offering clothing and meals.  With interest from the government, even high ranking government officials have personally provided funds for the school's operation.
As City Director of Samba, Professor Fançony traveled in work to the Philippines in early 2008, where the then Angolan ambassador in that country, Flávio Fonseca, also shared the same interest in classical music. The conversation flowed naturally and Flávio Fonseca showed Peter Fançony a violin factory.  From that factory, 60 violins, 10 cellos and 6 contrabasses were ordered, which are being used today.
Recently the Kapossoka Symphony Orchestra, comprised of students training at the music school, took part in an international festival of youth orchestras in Argentina, called the Festival of Iguazu.  At this festival, the Kapossaka Symphone Orchestra won 1st prize in the category of "Effort, Attendence and Good Conduct".  Upon their return back to Angola, the Orchestra was received and greeted by the President of the Angolan Republic, José Eduardo do Santos who congratulated the students on their honor. (TAAG Austral Magazine)

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