Thursday, January 31, 2013

Invented in Angola!

Nuremberg (From special envoy) - Angolan inventors, who represented the country at the recent International Fair of Ideas, Invention and New Products (IENA), received seven medals, one gold, one silver and five bronze in Nuremberg, Germany.  The Angolan representatives received eight medals from their participation in 2011.  

This exhibition, at which the eight inventors of Angola presented 17 projects and inventions, had 750 exhibitors from 54 countries. During four days, the projects presented were about inventions or linked to innovations and technologies, electric power, construction machinery, medical technology and medicine, hygiene, cosmetics, various security and alarm, traffic, transport, car accessories, farming, forest and game entertainment.

The most highly ranked Angolan inventions, as evaluated by the judges, were a camera with a USB pen drive and external hard disk, invented by Adilson da Costa (gold medal) and a signaling system for parking at a curb (silver medal), presented by inventor Hélder Silva.
All other Angolan inventions entered were: the use of industrial múcua, the new way of thinking in Mandombe, Angolan culture and art, as well as a computer mouse for those with disabled upper limbs, a multi-use calculator and one special software program, were the Angolan works awarded with bronze medals.
Angola, which is participating for the fourth time, enrolled to join countries such as Algeria, Bahrain, Bosnia Herzegovina, China, Denmark, Germany (host country), Finland, Great Britain, Russia, Hong Kong , Iran, Italy, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Korea, Croatia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Macedonia, Oman, Austria, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Hungary, USA, andVenezuela, among others. (Njango Angola, November 2012)


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