Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For the Love of Hockey - Angolan Style

Luanda — Hockey is popular in Angola, but not the 'ice' kind because of the climate.  The game of roller hockey is similar to ice hockey but played on an indoor, hard surfaced rink of one of three standard sizes (a minimum of 34x17 meters, an average of 40x20 and a maximum of 44x22).   Roller hockey was a demonstration rollersport at the 1992 Summer Olympics at Barcelona.
Recently, the launching ceremony of the 41st Roller Hockey World Cup, to be hosted for first time in Africa and Angola on 20-28 September in 2013 in the provinces of Luanda and Namibe, marks a great moment for history of this sport.  
The top official of CIRH (Committee International Roller Hockey) informed the press during its rewarding ceremony that the cup will conducted on a high standard, due to the efforts made by the Angolan authorities and the organizational capacity of Angola.  Angola was deemed to be efficient in organizing international events under CIRH such as the holding of the first world club championship in 2006 and the African clubs championship in 2008. (Angola Press)


Pedro Beirao said...

The popularity of roller hockey in Angola is a clear result of portuguese influence. Portugal used to be the dominant power in this sport and is still today one of the top teams, with 15 World Cups won.

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