Thursday, January 28, 2010

Angola's Orphans

The war has had a profound impact on Angolan society and on the children of Angola. The USA-based Christian Children's Fund reports that throughout the country, approximately one in ten young people between 8 and 25 were abducted at least once during the long 27-year civil war. Boys were typically assigned to serve as personal assistants to soldiers; girls provided logistical support and accompanied the attacks. Both girls and boys describe extreme physical hardship with long- term after-effects from injuries. Few of the affected young people have benefited from formal demobilization or reintegration programs.

Additionally, as well as recovering from the affects of a prolonged civil war, Angola is having to come to terms with a rising rate of HIV / AIDS. Nearly 4% of the adult population is affected and leaving more than 160,000 children orphaned as a result of HIV / AIDS (source UNICEF).  There are social repercussions to the children as well.  “It is noticed that many children infected or affected (sons and daughters of HIV/AIDS infected people) are discriminated, abandoned and separated from the family environment,” Maria da Luz Magalhães,  Angola Vice-Minister of Social Affairs has stated.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) cumulative data states that in Angola in 2010 an estimated total of over 1.2 million children (0 - 17 years of age) will be orphaned due to all causes combined (civil war, AIDS, malaria).

Various children-advocacy agencies such as UNICEF, Christian Children's Fund, USAID and SOS Children's Villages are working to create orphanages and rehabilitate the growing number of these affected children.


Kari said...

Mark and Jana,

I was just doing some research on the orphan situation in Angola and stumbled on your blog. Are there any orphanages that you are aware of who are in need of volunteers or supplies? We are looking into sponsoring a child through SOS Villages. Also do you know of anyone in country who is assisting families with international adoption from Angola?

Evan Finlayson said...

hi am interested in advocating for orphaned children in Angola preferably the southern part are there any orphanages that I can contact

My email is