Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ovimbundu Wisdom!

The Ovimbundu people comprise the largest 'tribe' in Angola, some 37% of the peoples, and though they are spread throughout Angola as a result of the civil war, they are mostly located in the Benguela / Central Highlands in the mid to southern part of the country.

The Ovimbundu have their own distinct and interesting culture and inherent within the culture are unique wisdom sayings in their language, Umbundu.  

I will periodically share some some of the wisdom sayings and folklore here.  Enjoy!

Proverb:  Okulya Omuma yolonjinji, okukuliha okupunja.

Literal TranslationTo eat the liver of the ant is necessary to know quartering.

Meaning:  It's the little things which show the character of a great man.

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