Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Building Blocks for a Nation

In 2010, the country of Angola imported more than 14 million tonnes of goods, of which 19% or 2 million long tonnes were of cement (2 billion kgs or 2.2 short tons).   Given that Angola is involved in a massive nation-wide infrastructure rebuilding project after almost 30 years of civil war, this importation and consumption of cement places the country with the 10 top global countries of cement consumption.  The predominant share of these cement imports arrive from neighboring Namibia and from China which is involved in many of the largest infrastructure rebuilding projects.

Angola has its own burgeoning cement production industry which is rebuilding and ramping up production with the aid of over $500 million in foreign direct investment.  An Angolan Government plan has been initiated to construct six new Angolan cement plants in the next three year to build up the national industry, reduce imports and to capitalize on the country's large natural deposits of limestone, sandstone and clay; all key ingredients for the production of cement. (compiled from Angop)

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