Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Angolan Goals to Eradicate Malaria

The Angolan Government recently set goals to eliminate malaria in Angola by the year 2020, through the use of a vaccine against the disease, as outlined in the capital Luanda by the deputy director of the National Program to Fight Malaria, Nilton Saraiva. 
The official was speaking during a November 17 meeting organized by Pathfinder International in partnership with Esso Angola, called "A healthy life without malaria", which was attended by senior officials of the Angolan Ministry of Health

Saraiva commented, "The malaria vaccine has is being tested in Africa. In Angola, can be developed over the next five or seven years and it will be an important method for our ultimate goal of eliminating the disease in the country over the next ten years.  While the whole country is endemic, a special concentration will be placed on malaria prevention amongst pregnant women.’

The maternal mortality ratio in Angola—1,400 women die per 100,000 live births—is the highest in Africa and the third highest in the world. Despite the toll that malaria exacts on pregnant women and their infants, it was, until recently, a relatively neglected problem. The Ministry of Health recently reported that malaria accounts for approximately 25% of maternal mortality and is the cause of nearly 10% of pregnant women’s hospital admissions.

Working with Pathfinder International, oil company Esso Angola is contributing greatly to this malaria eradication plan and has supported the fight against malaria in the country since 2002 by investing more than $ 24 million. Their contributions have improved patient care, reconstructed hospitals and implemented advance health care to combat malaria. (ANGOP, Pathfinder International)

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