Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google In Angola

Google, the largest research company in the internet world, plans to soon open an office in Angola as confirmed by Google's vice president for Research and Development for Europe and Africa, Nelson Mattos.

Mattos emphasized that the purpose of Google in Angola is to develop policy which facilitates internet access to everyone without exception.  "We intend to increase the number of internet users in Angola to facilitate access to research," he said.  The company intends to make an investment in terms of infrastructure in partnership with the Angolan Government to bring new products which help the technological development of the country.
In Africa, only 9% of the population has internet access, while access in Europe and America reaches more than 80%.  The only African countries where Google has offices are South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt and Nigeria.

The Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies in Angola, Pedro Teta responds, "We are hopeful that the new Google products that are launched in the Angolan market will generate results and spur the growth of IT companies operating in our country. (Angonoticias)

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