Friday, February 19, 2010

Angolan Seafood Resources = Great Food!

After oil and diamond mining, the fisheries industry is the third most important sector in the country. Along the entire 1650 kilometer coastline, a rich fishery exists. Since ancient times, fishing has been important right up to colonial times when Angola was one of the biggest producers and exporters in the region.

Although the majority of fish is harvested by industrial and semi-industrial fleets using nets and trawling methods, there is also a large 'hand-labor' fishing industry estimated to employ around 25000 fishermen using 3000-4500 "chatas", or small motorised or un-motorised boats.

Main fishing resources include sardinellas, horse mackerels, sardines, dentex, shrimps, crabs, lobster and other valued tropical bottom species. Since Angolan seafood is abundant and very good, the Angolan coast is a special place to purchase fresh shrimp or lobster right off the fisherman's boat.
Shrimp is one of my favorite seafoods and Angolan shrimp stew (bobo de camarão) is one of the typical seafood dish made with shrimps, cassava (manioc), dendê (palm) oil and coconut milk.

Check out the recipe for bobo de camarao here....  If you make it the recipe the Angola way, beware, it is a little spicy with the peppers and chilies!

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