Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life After Being on the World Stage

Now that the African Cup of Nations has concluded in Angola, the country seeks to use its moment on the world stage as motivation to drive its future.  The government used the tournament to showcase the billions of dollars it spent in developing the country's infrastructure; new schools and hospitals, new roads, railways, hotels, upgraded airports and new Chinese-built stadia. 

Even in spite of an ambush on the Togolese national football squad by Cabindan terrorists just days before the African Cup of Nations football championship opened, the tournament continued in a show of defiance by the excitement of the Angolan people.  No doubt, the Angola could suffer an international loss of respect because of this continuing safety issue, but overall its shows that after 27 years of civil war Angola is moving ahead and opening up to allow for easier entry and travel for tourists and visitors to the country. 

Check out this recent BBC article on Angola's future after the event: Angola rebranded: Oil, landmines… and football?

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