Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Golf in Angola?

Yes, there is 18 hole golf course located about 15 km south from Luanda (the only one in the country). Far from being a indicator of broad national progress, this course is managed by one of the oil exploration companies and used mainly by expatriate employees of all industries.  Even with a small, emerging middle and upper Angolan social class who are exploring this sport, this luxury is beyond the interest and economic capabilities of 95% of all Angolans.

The course is still very basic and located amid Luanda's dry and hot climate.  This dictates that most of the putting greens are packed dirt. The club house is very simple, a 20 foot shipping container.

Course rates are affordable, comparatively speaking; the green fee is 2000 Kz  (USD$22) and caddy fee 1500 Kz (USD$15)!


Rob and Mandy said...

Really enjoyed your home page, very interesting, great photographs and Amazing fish, Regards


Geoff Grant said...

I lived in Luanda from 2000-2006 and os amigos de golf da Luanda kept me sane. Whe I was leaving there were rumours that Sonangol were going to take over the running. It is important to mention, however, that the club was run as a pure members club for many years before. It is also important to note that the course designer, captain and pro - Manuel Barros was a teacher of technical drawingand certainly not one of Angola's "Petrocracy". The first golf course in Luanda, founded by the Portuguese colonian masters gave its name to the district of Golfe in the east of the capital. After that land disappeared under housing the course moved along the coast to Belas. However this site was then used for President ds Santos's beach-side residence and a nine-hole course on the oresent site was laid-out and built over a weekend by Manuel and a few enthusiastic helpers.